Sunday, November 16, 2014


            I am in outer space.  I look at my wrist.  There’s an indicator on it telling me I have ten minutes of oxygen left.  When it runs out, I will not be able to breathe.

            I hear something behind me.  There’s no sound in space.  It’s like a screech.  I don’t know what it is.  I turn around.  I see my ship.

            I wonder if it’s possible to get back to the ship.  We had been delivering something.  I don’t remember what it was.  Was I ever told?  I look at my wrist.  Five minutes already?  I don’t think I was ever told what I was delivering.  All I was told was not to touch it.

            I hear the screech behind me again.  I try to turn around.  I set myself spinning.  My eyes widen as I see it in the distance.  It’s like a shadow, a screeching shadow.  I check my wrist.  Seven minutes.  The thing comes closer.  I’m spinning around, and each time I turn to face it again, it’s closer.  The Ship behind it is beyond repair.  That’s clear.  There’s no hope for me.

            The shadow never moves when I look at it.  It’s just closer when I face it the next time.  I check my wrist.  I have Three and a half minutes to live.  I feel short of breath.  I can see the creature now.  It’s much closer.

            My heart beats.  I feel sweat dripping down my face.  I look at my wrist.  I have just over four minutes.  When I look up, it’s only feet away.  I look into its eyes.  I look down at my oxygen indicator.  It’s out.  I have no time left.  The creature reaches out to grab me.  My eyes widen, and then close.  I can feel the creature sticking its hand through my suit and squeezing on my heart.

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