Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's been a long time...

Holy crap it's been a while, oh well, in the years since i was a 13 year old Halo Fanboy, The concept of "What your kind did to mine", a small Halo Fanfiction, Has evolved into the Space Opera:

In The Name Of God

Complete with it's own UNIQUE universe and setting. The Thing will not be a Machinima however. I'm just going to write the story out as a serial. The Story is very different but here's an update on some things.

The Elite's have evolved into THE SHADOW SQUAD, THE GREATEST TEAM OF ALIEN ASSASSINS. Composed of.

Mat (Matt, but more subtle).

Dany (Danny, but more subtle, at least in what I've got written. He'll mostly be the explosive one we Know and love.)

Gary (Just Gary, Some things don't need fixing, expect stuff very similar to space zombies out of him.)

Nax (Like from WYKD2M but more subtle, and with more complex motivations I won't spoil for you.)

Aaron (What I Imagined him as for WYKD2M, as opposed to what he was, except he wont die in episode 10 Like I planned Aaron too.)

Kron (I got used to calling him this before I learned it's street for Pot, Just accept it, he's new to the party.)

The Spartans are now THE PHOTON SQUAD, THE PROTECTORS OF THE SHADOW SQUAD'S TARGETS (unless it makes no since for them to be). Composed of:

Tim (Now featuring 100% less treason)

Mike (Just, Mike, Not sure if I'll up the subtlty on my comic relief)

John (Same as Mike)

Crystal (Tim's love interest and an Immaculate model of female moral perfection, considers the virgin Mary a friendly rival in this respect.)

Molly (Fennomm and Molly fused into one)

The Commander (SC without the Haloness, and more subtle)


The covenant have become THE CONDUITS (Like the covenant, but just one race, and not being the clear evil race, as the morality between the 2 teams is Grey and Grey, at least it's meant to be, one is assassins the other is lifesavers, but I don't treat either side like it's evil overall, or even really here.)

I won't say any more, I expect the series to be not as good as most stuff, but none the less, I hope to make it worth reading, just to see the world of my imagination.

The First Episode is ALMOST OUT. The thing will run in 30 episode seasons, I have 7 planned, after which, if the series continues, it will get a subtitle to show it;s not REALLY just more ITNOG.

I expect to make a new one about once a month, I'd like to do it more, but I procrastinate allot and have numerous other projects including the revival of The XHAWK77X YouTube Channel for a review show.

I'm going to Update the upcoming episodes list on the side based on what I'm willing to tell of the new series.

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