Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rite Of Passage

            Where I come from, there’s a rite of passage every teenage male goes through when they turn sixteen.  There are two parts; I’ll get back to part two in a little while.  In part one, you must go into a small cave, in which there is a functioning television, powered by a generator, a VCR hooked up to said television and a single VHS tape.  You must place the tape in the VCR, and watch it.  Of course every male past their sixteenth birthday knows what’s on the tape, but no one is allowed to talk about it; hence, going in, I had no idea what to expect.  After my 16th birthday party I left to enter the cave.  I went in, found the TV, and popped the tape into the VCR.

            The Image was extremely grainy, seeming to have been shot a number of years ago.  It showed a young woman, about twenty-five, walking down a foggy road in the dead of night.  She was alone, and the only illumination was from the streetlights set up along the road.  She was visibly anxious as any human would be in that situation.  All of the sudden, as she walked past a particularly dark ally, a large creature jumped her, and tackled her off the sidewalk and onto the road.  She screamed, but no one came to her aid.  She kicked and thrashed at the creature desperately, but it was relentless, slashing at the woman with its razor sharp claws.

            Though she was weakened and covered in blood, the woman eventually managed to kick the creature off.  She ran into one of the nearby shops.  It was closed of course, so no one else was there, but she managed to get inside through the for whatever reason unlocked door and locked it assuming the creature wouldn't be able follow her inside.  She assumed wrong of course, as he managed to break through the glass display window.  He cornered her at the back of the shop as she screamed and even begged the creature not to kill her.  It looked her in the eye for a short second, and pounced on her before snapping her neck as she let out her last scream.  The creature closed its eyes and bowed its head for a moment, then dragged her to the center of the shop.

            In graphic detail the tape depicted the creature eating the entirety of the woman, until there was nothing left of her but the blood spilled in the process.  The creature exited the shop, and the tape ended.

            Well the footage was grainy, but at least it gave me some excellent hunting advice.  Oh, that’s right; I didn't tell you about the second part of the rite yet.  I have to catch my own dinner tonight.  I’m looking forward to sinking my claws into a nice, tasty specimen just like the one in the tape.  Delicious things, you humans are.  Well, that said, I've got to go hunt now, see you.

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