Monday, April 1, 2013

First Hunt

            This is the most important moment of my life thus far.  This is my first hunt.  After watching the tape I recounted previously, I head off toward a human settlement close to the lake my own community dwells in to find a meal.  Upon arriving in the dead of night, I set my sights on a young girl in a small structure lit with the small suns human use.  She’s a young adult.  I lurk outside the store waiting for her to walk out.  Eventually, she does, and begins walking towards one of those traveling machines humans use.

            This is a problem.  Humans are generally weaker than us, but the machines they make generally aren't.  There’s no way I can outrun one of those, so I look back inside the structure for another suitable candidate.  I see another girl, older.  She exchanges some paper for a presumably full container of some sort and begins walking home.

            I consider sneaking up on her from a dark ally.  No, unlike on the tape, I’m unfortunate enough to have a full moon ensuring I have to sneak up from behind.  I follow the woman down the street, trying to get as close as I can without alerting her.  Fortunately she’s alone, and I’m able to get reasonably close before she turns around and sees me.

            She lets out a scream and begins running.  I catch up easily, and tackle her.  She kicks up at me, forcing me off, and begins running.  She puts some distance between me and her.  I give chase once I get back on my feet.  She reaches into her pocket for a device and speaks into it.  I do not comprehend her words, but she seems very slightly calmer than before, which worries me.  I am finally able to catch up, and tackle her again, this time quickly snapping her neck.  I bow my head and, as is tradition, briefly thank the lake for a successful hunt.  With that completed, I begin eating.  I’ll spare you the graphic details which humans are likely to find unappealing.  By the time I’m done, all that remains is blood spilt onto the sidewalk.

            Having finished my meal I venture back to the lake.  I am met there by the leader of the community, called Sanctor.  He declares me an adult.  As a result of this, I am now permitted to leave the lake when I choose, mate, and own my own underwater cavern.  Our lake is full of such small, air-filled caves that can only be accessed form below the surface.  I am also given the name I will have for the rest of my life, Roxo, to replace the temporary designation I had had until then.

            I am now responsible for obtaining my own food, meaning I, along with the other roughly thirty adult males, will hunt again about once a week until we die.

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